Rumour Roundup

Rumour Roundup

Published On February 6, 2006 | By Russ Clow | News

There seems to be no-end of rumours at the moment.  Halo 3 is coming this year, Halo 3 is coming next year, Halo 3 is never coming, Halo 3 is ready, etc.

Well, the latest Halo 3 story out is:  Halo 3 will be released in Quarter 4 of 2006 (that’s Winter 2006).

Where’s the rumour come from?  The usual suspect – an avid Xbox forum goer who is friends with a Microsoft rep, who has told the forum goer a secret or two from within the Microsoft dungeon.  Reliable?  Who knows?

Other rumours, from the same dude, include:

> November 2006 will possibly see the launch of a complete Xbox Live media service, with 99 cents (60p?) music downloads, to $4 film downloads (£2.50?).

> At E3, Microsoft are announcing an exclusive partnership with Blizzard that will bring World of Warcraft to the Xbox 360.  The deal has apparently already been sealed, and development has begun.  The 360 version will support voice chat, and will include an add-on pack that PC WoW gamers will have to wait an extra month for.  360 gamers will only play WoW on exclusive Xbox 360 servers, and will not be able to interact with PC WoW’ers.

> 50 Sega Dreamcast games are to hit the Xbox Live Arcade within the next 2 years (released a handful at a time).  Every Dreamcast game on the 360 will be priced at $10.

> Bonk’s Adventure is coming to Xbox Live Arcade September 2006.

As always, we must stress that these are just rumours, and have not been confirmed by either Microsoft of any of the respective developers.  All of them sound plausible, but are not guaranteed. 

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