Rumor Train Derailed - Again

Rumor Train Derailed – Again

Published On May 5, 2008 | By Console Monster | News

Remember that one time? The time when we were all like, “360 Blu-ray player being manufactured this fall,” and everyone was all like, “Yay!”? Yeah, well, we’re going to take that back, once again.

It seems that Microsoft really won’t be adding a Blu-ray player to their unit. An official from Microsoft sent an email to GamePro this Monday which contained the following:

“As we have stated, we have no plans to introduce a Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360…Games are what drive consumers to purchase game consoles, and we remain focused on providing the largest library of blockbuster games available.”

And remember that other one time? When Microsoft released an HD Player that attached to their system?… I do.

I’m sure more rumors will hit the net as consumers try to tell MS what they want in their system. Stay tuned for the next time Microsoft tells you what you really want, silly…

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