Rumor: Halo 3 or Halo Wars OST To Include Scissor Sisters ?

Rumor: Halo 3 or Halo Wars OST To Include Scissor Sisters ?

Published On April 15, 2007 | By Console Monster | News

Some news that was revealed today on Channel 4, and well depending on your views of the Scissors Sisters style of music this could be good or bad.

The Scissor Sisters were recently interviewed on the Big Day, a show which airs on Channel 4. During the interview Halo 3 was mentioned A LOT. Then came the words from the Scissor Sisters themselves, saying one of their songs was to feature on the upcoming 360 title Halo 3.

So they’re on Halo 3, but wait maybe they got it wrong. have an article stating that one of their songs will in fact feature on the RTS Halo Wars and not its bigger brother Halo 3.

Anyway as the title states this is nothing more than a rumor at this time. But personally, well I’d rather not listen to ’Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ while killing a few thousand Grunts. What are your views on the Scissor Sisters possibly featuring in Halo 3?

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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