Rock Band deemed a successful platform for selling singles

Rock Band deemed a successful platform for selling singles

Published On May 27, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

The Motley Crue has revealed that their new single which they offered on Rock Band, called “Saints of Los Angeles” has sold five times more as a download on the game than it has on music download services such as iTunes and Amazon.

The Xbox 360 version of the game totted up 47,000 sales with PS3 sales unclear. The track was added to the download shop in mid-April and is priced at around 99p.

Other bands have also benefitted from releasing singles on Rock Band prior to release physically including upcoming band Black Tide. The sales increase is apparently down to a ‘resurgence of rock’ thanks to games such as Rock Band itself and the Guitar Hero series.

A longer-lasting experience is also mooted as the success for downloads on a videogame platform. Rock Band was made avaliable last Friday in the UK (but only on the Xbox 360) after months of waiting from the American launch and admist horrors over pricing.

We’ll get an indication of how sales are tomorrow in the official UK charts and our boss is busy attempting to be a new member of Black Sabbath (albiet with slightly downscaled hair!). He’ll be giving us his verdict on the game as soon as we’ve prised him away from that drum kit… Don’t forget, we also wrote a PS3 import review of the game a few months back, and once it’s out on the PS3, we’ll be giving our verdict on that too.

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