Review: Shadowrun

Review: Shadowrun

Published On May 31, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News
Edward Sticks to the shadows in our Shadowrun review

June 1st sees the release of Shadowrun for the Microsoft’s Xbox360. Also available on PC Games for Windows it will be the first time gamers on both platforms can meet and battle it out together in the same arena.

“Shadowrun is the best multiplayer first person shooter on the Xbox 360 so far, and we never saw that coming. The main aspect being pushed, the cross platform play with Windows Vista Live, is the least relevant from a gameplay perspective – which is a shame, because Shadowrun’s gameplay is some of the freshest and most finely tuned we’ve seen in this genre since Halo. It may be all but completely devoid of any single player content (don’t worry, there are bots!), but the enormous range of possible ways to approach it could easily make up for the bizarrely high retail price if you really get into it.

When you begin playing Shadowrun, it is essential that you go through the extensive training missions. You will be introduced to each of that game’s classes, skills and key weapons. This will take you an hour or more, but it’s worth it. Even if your gamertag is along the lines of XxPr0Sn1p3rxX, you’ll be a sitting duck for much longer than necessary if you skip this part. The reason for this is that Shadowrun is a complicated game. Not so much in how you play it, but in that you need to understand what is going on around you, and what you can do about it.”

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