Removal of crap Arcade titles will not happen

Removal of crap Arcade titles will not happen

Published On October 10, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

Microsoft has made a ‘u-turn’ and decided that it may not get rid of some of the poor performing Xbox Live Arcade titles after-all.

The Xbox Live boss, John Schappert spoke to IGN saying that they have ‘no immediate plans to act on delisting’. However he added it has been important to ‘set parameters by which we can delist’, and that it won’t happen unless the amount of content becomes ‘cumbersome’ again.

The reason behind the change is that the new Xbox Live Experience will change the way we search for content and will allow for less clutter on the download screens.

Microsoft may not delist crap games from Xbox Live Arcade after all, according to Live boss John Schappert, who has now said that the New Xbox Experience will eliminate the problems that step was designed to solve.

It was back in May when Microsoft mentioned removing old under-performing titles based on Metacritic scores and number of downloads to free space up when searching for downloads.

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