Red vs Blue Season 5

Red vs Blue Season 5

Published On October 2, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Rooster Teeth have today announed the premiere of Red vs Blue Season 5. The premiere is available to sponsors now, for everyone else you wll have to wait until Monday if you want to see Caboose and co. back in action.

The latest episode entitled ‘You can’t park here’ will carry on where the ‘Out of Mind’ miniseries left of. If you have yet to catch up you can see all the epsidoes at Rooster Teeths website, the most recent episodes are also available on the marketplace.

The one thing many gamers can’t wait to see is the eventual RvB transition from Halo 2 to Halo 3. I mean what could be better than a next-gen Caboose uttering the words ‘I have a plan, Sergeant, but we will have to move quick. Listen; whisper, whisper, whisper. Do you think that will work?

Check out the new episode and RvB website HERE

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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