Recent Gears of War Screens - Not from GoW?

Recent Gears of War Screens – Not from GoW?

Published On January 15, 2006 | By Russ Clow | News

Just the other day, we showed you a group of new screenshots that were released for Gears of War. They were impressive, but we then noticed alot of sites, including the famous Xbox 360 News claiming that some of the screenshots were 2 years old, and/or weren’t even from Gears of War, but were from an Unreal Engine presentation back in 2004.

Well, we’ve been doing some digging, and this is what we found.

Our very own forum visitor and regular, Killer 57, mentioned about this screenshot being copyright 2004, and being very similar/the same as the terrain screenshots. Xbox 360 News also commented that some of the screens were old. Well, take a closer look, between the image above, and this one. If you take a good hard look, you’ll notice a few distinct features that differ.

For example, there is no electric pilon on the left of the latest GoW screenshot…Ok, we hear you say, it’s obviously a different angle. Sure yeah we’ll agree with that one, but the latest GoW screenshots show ALOT more detail on both the building, and the scenery.

So what can we gather from this? Well that is just one screenshot obviously, but Gears of War HAS been in development for a few years. The screenshots that are flying around the net of Unreal Engine screens are more than likely similar to the Gears of War screenshots, because Epic probably decided to show off the engine using those screens and that game specifically.

However, the latest set of screenshots released for Gears of War are definitely recent, as they are more detailed than the 2004 ones, and are also definitely from Gears of War. Just because they may look similar to previous images doesn’t mean they aren’t new, nor does it mean they don’t look fudging great!


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