Rare not immediately interested in Viva Pinata 3

Rare not immediately interested in Viva Pinata 3

Published On August 31, 2008 | By Chris Taylor | News

Justin Cook, the lead designer of Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise, recently said that Rare is not immediately interested in creating another sequel to their franchise based around lookin after cutesy, PInata animals. He said, “As far as the team is concerned we are taking a break from VP for a while to make something new.”

We wonder what this new title will be. Could it be another franchise entirely? A new Battletoads? Or maybe a new Conker game? Personally, I want to see an entirely new game spawn from those creative bunch at Rare. Cook didn’t want to make a statement that VP would be put on the back burner, so continued by saying, “…things change quickly in the software industry, so next week it may be a completely different story.”

So who knows what is going on in the Rare camp. Let’s just hope it’s something good!

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