Rainbow Six Vegas: Media

Rainbow Six Vegas: Media

Published On October 27, 2006 | By Luke De'ath | News

The great guys over at Ubisoft have released another video on thier ‘location’ video’s that they’ll be releasing over the coming weeks to the build up of Rainbow Six Vegas on November 14th USA and November 24th in Europe.

When you arrive in Las Vegas, You’ll meet your new team members Michael Walter and Jung Park. Once your helicopter lands, You’ll realize this really isnt a training mission with Terrorist’s taking over this area of Las Vegas. The terrorists are holding a NATO adviser Dr.Philip Smythe Hostage, you’re team will fast rope down from the helicopter, once you’ve hit the ground, you’ll take incoming fire from the terrorists. You’ll have to move fast and work as a team to make it to the Calypso Casino and rescue the hostage. [Sounds Simple] but its anything but simple. Once you breach the Casino you’ll take fire from all sides, so you’ll have to have you’re wits about you and move from cover to cover. To make it out alive.

You can view the new movie in our Media Section. – Let us know what you thought of the new movie, has this got you even more excited about Rainbow Six Vegas since the demo? Leave you’re comments below.

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