Race Driver: GRID Trailer Launches

Race Driver: GRID Trailer Launches

Published On February 14, 2008 | By Anthony Barker | News

Experience a new world of racing as Codemasters releases the CGI trailer for Race Driver: GRID, the all-new aggressive racer from the creators of Colin McRae: DiRT. Produced using rendered footage created from in-game car and track models, the video is now available from their website – www.RaceDriverGrid.com.

We hope there are no speed bumps on this circuit!

The trailer video showcases street racing on the San Francisco city circuit, a three-car drift battle on Yokohama docks, including a detailed damage sequence, and reveals that Race Driver: GRID will include the world famous Le Mans 24 Hours race as part of its official content.

Beyond the tracks shown in the video, Race Driver: GRID will feature over 90 diverse circuit configurations, ranging from classic tracks to fierce city circuits.

Promising an unparalleled competitive experience, where everything that can happen in a race will happen, Race Driver: GRID is coming this summer for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 consoles. For the latest on the game, including the trailer video, sign up for driver briefings online at www.RaceDriverGrid.com.

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