Pure (360) Review

Pure (360) Review

Published On October 9, 2008 | By Reece Warrender | News
Craig brings us his impressions on Pure in our review for the 360

“Disney Interactive and Black Rock Studios have teamed up to bring us PURE. An over-the-top off-road quad-biking trick-racing experience. There’s not many titles like this on our next-generation consoles, so I wasn’t to sure what to expect. In my eyes titles of this type either flop or go onto become a success.

PURE is named after what the game is all about. PURE adrenaline, PURE vertigo and PURE exhilaration. You start your PURE single player journey in the World Tour. There isn’t a storyline as such, you choose a player from a choice of 8 (each player does have slightly different…”

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