Psychonauts in next Back Compat Update?

Psychonauts in next Back Compat Update?

Published On December 14, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Ever since the launch of the Xbox 360, one game has stood out more than any other because of it’s lack of Backward’s Compatible support, Psychonauts. Gamers called out for it, the developers even called on players to sign a petition to get it support. But now, it seems their wishes may be about to come true.

Yesterday on the UK, an updated back compat list was posted before being pulled soon after. Included on that list were 31 new Xbox titles that would soon be supported on the 360. As well as Psychonauts were Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit, Shenmue II, I-Ninja, Dead or Alive Ultimate, Destroy All Humans! and Ultimate Spider-Man.

But also marked as newly compatible titles were Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis and All-Star Baseball 2005, both of which have been supported since the last BC update in August. Whether the list was correct or not or simply posted by mistake, we should soon have the answers.

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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