PS3 will 'become market leader'

PS3 will ‘become market leader’

Published On May 8, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

We’re all aware that the PlayStation 3 has taken some time to establish itself in the UK and markets across the world, but the Sony boss, Kaz Hirai is confident that the PS3 will become the market leader once again as the console cycle progresses.

Hirai has spoken to the BBC in a twenty minute interview where he discusses how the PS3 will have a long life-cycle. He said: “We’ve only really begun to scratch the surface with PlayStation 3 but I am confident that given the long life-cycle we have planned for the machine we are going to have a very good install base in all of the major territories”

The boss is confident that by having a 10-year lifecycle, the console will firmly install itself in the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide. As it stands Nintendo is the market leader (an impressive feat considering they were bottom in the previous generation) with 25 million Wiis having shipped by last month. Meanwhile Microsoft has installed 19 million Xbox 360s in peoples homes and Sony had shifted 10.5 millon PS3’s, 5 million of which are in Europe alone.

Speaking about the next Sony platform, Hirai stated it is down to the movement of technology in other areas first such as televisions and graphics cards before they can focus on plans for another console.

The full interview can be watched over on the BBC Technology website.

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