PS3 Sales Surge

PS3 Sales Surge

Published On May 2, 2008 | By Console Monster | News

Face it, everyone’s got to have a copy. GTA IV is one of, if not the, hottest games of all time. People are rushing out in droves to pick it up. Some are starting new consoles from scratch simply to get a crack at it as Niko Bellic. The sales for GTA IV are having an affect on the amount of PS3s sold.

Bob McKenzie, Senior Merchandising VP of GameStop Corp., spoke up about the unit’s sales: “From our position, the launch of GTA IV has been tremendous in driving traffic to our stores, as well as providing a vigorous lift in PS3 console sales over this time last week. We attribute the growth to a huge fan base of PS2 owners who see this title as the trigger for the PS3 upgrade they’ve been planning.”

In the U.S., commercials have been running constantly that only show the PlayStation logo. There is no mention whatsoever of the game’s availability on the 360. Being so synonymous with the PlayStation machines, GTA IV may be the catalyst that launches the PS3 into a realm of incredibly competitive numbers.

Stiff competition is a good thing. It encourages innovation and improvement… I’m all for an overwhelming presence between all three major consoles.

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