Pricey Dual Shock 3 gets UK release Friday

Pricey Dual Shock 3 gets UK release Friday

Published On June 30, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

Mark down July 4th (Friday) in your diaries if you have being sulking over the lack of a rumble ever since the PS3 was released. Why though?

Well Friday will see the long-awaited release of the wireless rumble controller. The Dual Shock 3 retains all the features of the previous ‘Sixaxis’ controller including the motion sensor which has made the control popular with fans. But not Wii owners presumably…

All future games will support the controller and rumble functionality will be released on key older titles including Resistance: Fall of Man, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Grand Turismo 5 Prolouge.

The Dual Shock 3 wireless control will cost £39.99, a little pricey if you ask us.

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