Preview: WarHawk (Hands-on)

Preview: WarHawk (Hands-on)

Published On June 12, 2007 | By Anthony Barker | News

Russ takes to the skies with our hands-on preview

With the recent release of the WarHawk Beta, Russ suits up and takes to the skies with our hands-on preview of the combat simulation title and tells us what PS3 gamers have in store when the game strikes onto the console in a few months time.

“There aren’t too many multi-player only titles flying around these days. In fact, you could probably count the amount of next-gen titles on one hand (unless you’re missing fingers). It’s no surprise then that WarHawk, which is due out on the Playstation 3 later this year, has sparked an interest with the gaming world.

If you cast you minds back to last years E3, you’ll remember Sonys keynote…”

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