Preview: Blue Dragon

Preview: Blue Dragon

Published On June 11, 2007 | By Anthony Barker | News

Ali takes a first-look at Blue Dragon

Yet to be release in the west, Blue Dragon is already claiming to be a hit amongst Asian Xbox 360 gamers [and importers – Ed]. Our Ali takes a look at what us westerners can expect from the upcoming cutesy RPG.

“The Xbox has never received much RPG genre action since the first console launched in 2001. Apart from some genius from BioWare, namely Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, Xbox gamers have had to deal with average games such as Sudeki to satisfy their RPG habits. However, one big announcement before the launch of the 360 looked set to change that – if only a little. Hironobu Sakaguchi was going to produce RPGs (that’s plural) for the 360. The legend that created the Final Fantasy games was going to be making new IPs for Microsoft’s console. Hats were metaphorically tossed into the air. So we come to the first of the RPGs to come out of Sakaguchi-san’s development company (Mistwalker), the endearingly quirky Blue Dragon.

Blue Dragon is already out in Japan – Microsoft’s most difficult market – and the game managed to sell 30,000 consoles—definitely a good sign. The Japanese love their RPGs, and the game has received critical acclaim from publications such as Famitsu, but unfortunately we have a few months left to go till we get our grubby mitts on the three-disc epic.

The game focuses on a young…”

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