Points mean Prizes?

Points mean Prizes?

Published On January 30, 2007 | By Chris Brandrick | News

The rumor mill is churning them out at full capacity as today we bring you word of a rumored rewards program coming soon to 360 gamers.

Various online sources have apparently discovered that Microsoft is currently looking into ways of rewarding gamers in relation to your Gamerscore; so say for example you unlock a certain achievement this could result in you getting prizes, gifts or discounts, in a similar fashion to the Xbox Live Diamind Card currently at work in the US.

No official word from Microsoft on the issue has been muttered, although a spokesperson did say “..we are always exploring ideas for how we can reward our loyal customers..”. No plans regarding other terrotries have surfaced either, but it sure would be nice to be rewarded to play, what are your thoughts?

In it just for the gaming, or the more freebies the better, leave a comment and let us know!

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