Playstation Store on your PC

Playstation Store on your PC

Published On March 18, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

’I don’t have a Playstation 3, but I’d like to see what content Sony are offering’ – This used to be a bit of a dilemma but not now, Sony have launched there online playstation 3 store via your web browser, all you have to do is click HERE

“Go online with your Playstation 3 computer entertainment system and your PLAYSTATION Network account to access the playstation store to view all the cool content; including free game demos, fully downloadable games, PS One classics for PSP [Playstation Portable] system, movie and game trailers.”

So what are you waiting for? Get over there to view all the ’cool’ content they have to offer, let us know what you think of this extra feature via the comment box below.

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