PlayStation 4 Will Not Support USB or Bluetooth Chat at Launch

PlayStation 4 Will Not Support USB or Bluetooth Chat at Launch

Published On October 11, 2013 | By Anthony Barker | News

Game Informer reports that Sony’s PlayStation 4 will not support PlayStation 3 USB or Bluetooth chat headsets at launch.

After an announcement from Astro Gaming, GI dug deeper to find out that the support for current PS3 headsets is a little long winded. The bottom line is that most headsets will eventually be supported with chat functionality, however this support will not occur until an update has been released for the next-gen console, which could be weeks or a month or two away.

This issue is also mirrored on the Xbox One, however both consoles have the option to use their own bundled headsets in the mean time, whilst the Xbox One also has the bundled Kinect microphone option too.

So if you plan on using your existing headset, don’t throw it aside just yet!

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