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Published On March 16, 2008 | By Reece Warrender | News

Wembley Stadium has been busy this weekend as hosted what it herald as the biggest games exhibit in the UK. For all you unlucky gamers that did not have a chance to travel on down to the beautiful streets of London, Console Monster has a round-up of the event!

Arriving at the event it was clear that did not expect such a large outcome as the lines of people were murandering around the stadium, even hours later into the event. Situated in the relatively small entrance area of the stadium, gamers huddled around trying to locate a free game booth, ready to get a hands on experience of titles they have been tracking for months.

Unfortunately most blockbuster titles such as Resident Evil 5, Prototype or even Street Fighter 4 were only present in the form of video footage which most have already seen. Square Enix took this a step further by providing an entire wall of displays showing the same video footage, with several sofas kindly placed around.

Thankfully a few publishers and developers saved the show by pulling out all the stops to give gamers the experiences they travelled for. Ubisoft especially deserve a round of applause for setting up large and extravagant booths for their three blockbusters; Haze, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Soul Calibur IV.

The following games were the highlight of the show:

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Rainbow Six Vegas (Played on: Xbox 360)

The largely popular first person shooter has made a welcome return to Vegas. The hands on impression shows that the game is coming along nicely and polish has been applied thoroughly. The game is sure to be a hit on Xbox Live as the temptation to thrash and trash talk opponents is as bitter sweet as ever. Keep a very close eye on Console Monster next week, as we will have an in-depth hands-on of the game direct from the world famous Montreal Ubisoft Studios!


Haze (Played on: PS3)

Showing fantastic promise this first person shooter from Ubisoft holds its own as a generic shooter. Add the ability to dose yourself to the high heavens with reaction enhancing drugs and you have a blockbuster hit on your hands. A shocking Console Monster exclusive reveals that your enemies are indeed susceptible to your own bullets, just as much as your enemies (And the butt of your gun -Ed).

Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV (Played on: Xbox 360)

Whilst we did not get the chance to experience the title hands on, it was clear by the ridiculous queue – even with a long stream of two player booths – that the game is bound to be a hit. Competition and comedy ensued as amateurs were devastated by their opponents on the show floor.


Grid (Played on: Xbox 360)

Codemasters did a fantastic job pulling out all the stops with their upcoming title Grid. A ridiculously large monitor streaming footage, a large block of game booths and several scantly clad race girls all ensured our interest. Unfortunately whilst the game looked fantastic and others were clearly enjoying themselves, all attempts to get a hands on resulted in breaking the console in use… twice. We happly left the area before being escorted away.

Lego Indiana Jones

Lego Indiana Jones (Played on: Xbox 360)

Cleverly crafted and beautifully designed, the building blocks are back in fantastic form. Moving on from previous Star Wars titles, Lego Indiana Jones adds new features and gameplay mechanics to the previously well founded experience. From what was experienced it is clear that Lucas Arts has backed another winner.

Highlight of the event:
Ubisoft setting up Rainbow Six Vegas 2 game booths on a networked game next to scantly clad vegas inspired dancers.

Complaint of the event:
The poor support by several large developers and publishers, combined with the continual feeling that the event is nothing more than a clever method to market sales.

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