PES 2008 Viral Site launches

PES 2008 Viral Site launches

Published On September 13, 2007 | By Russ Clow | News

Last night at exactly 12am, launched. The site looks like a Konami viral site, advertising PES 2008. It’s french, which makesunderstanding it a bit harderthan normal (unless you’re French of course!).

We asked Konami if the site was official or not, and the reply was “Could be…”

We also noticed that it was designed by the same guys that designed PES6’s official league site.

Drogba is all over the site, in various poses, and theres a packshot there with Drogba and Ronaldo on – so we’re guessing that they’ll be the cover players for everywhere in Europe apart from the UK – as Konami recently announced Owen on the UK packshot.

What do you think? Is this Konami’s attempt to run a viral site, or just a bunch of French fanboys? Leave a comment below.

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