Perfect Dark Zero Demo on XLM

Perfect Dark Zero Demo on XLM

Published On May 26, 2006 | By Anthony Barker | News

Back in the day, some time around the end of last year, there was a game released during the launch of the Xbox 360, you know that pearl white console sitting on your ‘gaming shelf’. That game was called Perfect Dark Zero, it was (and still is) quite popular, but alas time has surpassed… and Microsoft has decided that it’s now time to be able to download it as a demo – hurrah!

The demo weighs in at 860MB and features the Outpost level in both single player and co-op (over split screen). You can also take this demo for a spin over Xbox Live on one of the new single player maps — Plaza.

So for those who have just bought their 360’s and missed this one, or for those who have been living under a Xbox rock, it’s worth checking out what this game has to offer and join in on our weekly PDZ get-togethers.

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