Our views on the 360 price drop

Our views on the 360 price drop

Published On October 1, 2008 | By Anthony Barker | News

With the month of September over, the staff here at Console Monster reflect back at last month’s current events in the gaming world, as well as give a little insight of their gaming antics this month, and what they are looking forward to playing this month. This time we will be doing things a little different by rolling out each topic over the course of the week.

We’ve already covered what we’ve been playing. Today we’ll be giving our views on Microsoft’s decision in dropping the price of their Xbox 360 console, whether we would buy another and our views of its sales in the run up to the holiday season.

Dave: I don’t know what I would do with another Xbox 360 but I’m glad to see the price drop, especially before the Christmas period. Now the ‘Arcade’ console is cheaper than the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft are targeting the more casual gamer, the competition is really hotting up between the two.

Rob: I am tempted to buy another as mine is still a launch console pretty much (my second one) and I really want an HDMI slot, a quieter drive and a bigger HDD. Then again I did pay £279 for that and I don’t fancy forking out even £129 for the Arcade edition. I’m sorely tempted to sit and wait for the Slimline console which is rumoured for next year.

Luke: As Rob said I’d also like an HDMI Cable Slot and a quicker and quieter hard drive, so I can game in to the wee hours of the morning without the clanking of the CD going around. But, with the recent announcement of a Slimline 360, maybe I can hold out for a few more months!

Anthony: I am in a bit of a dilemma when writing this. Do I pay £60 to repaired my 360 or do I double that and buy a new Arcade console for £120. £60 for a repair on a previously faulty console is ridicules in my book. I’ll probably bite the bullet and pay for the repair as I can’t bear the thought of hanging onto a useless piece of plastic let alone throwing it away. Outside of my situation I am sure the price drop will encourage new members to the console and will no doubt guarantee the winning console spot this Christmas, I know what i’d choose between a £169 360 Premium and a £179 Wii!

Reece: I strangely am interested in another, as I am getting far too fed up with moving my current 360 from the office to the front room TV continually. A second one would be fantastic, but I doubt I will make the purchase with so many amazing games coming out over the next few months. I hope that more people do purchase the 360 at this ridiculous low price; it is truly worth the money.

Chris: I have no need for another 360 really, so I have no interest. However, a price drop around Christmas time is a brilliant idea on Microsoft’s part. The 360 is now the cheapest console on the market so is a lot more appealing to people wanting a new console. With the 360 being more of a media system and a games console than the Wii and a lot cheaper than the PS3 it is easily the best console out there for people looking for a new console.

Would you buy another 360 system at such a low price? Maybe you have yet to buy a 360 console for your gaming den. Let us know your thoughts on today’s Monster Month topic in the comments below. Tomorrow we’ll be looking at Sony’s recently released Life with PlayStation channel.

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