Our views on Life with PlayStation

Our views on Life with PlayStation

Published On October 2, 2008 | By Anthony Barker | News

With the month of September over, the staff here at Console Monster reflect back at last month’s current events in the gaming world, as well as give a little insight of their gaming antics this month, and what they are looking forward to playing this month. This time we will be doing things a little different by rolling out each topic over the course of the week.

We’ve already covered what we’ve been playing and given our views on the 360 price drop. Today we’ll be giving our impressions on Sony’s Life with PlayStation channel. Is it a worthy addition to the console or just a copycat feature?

Dave: As I don’t own a PlayStation 3 (yet, very tempted by LittleBigPlanet), I have been unable to try out the Life with PlayStation channel (awful name). Do I really want to be reading news on a PlayStation 3 when I could be gaming away? Do I really want to know the weather forecast when I can get off my arse and look out the window? These are mainly the reasons I don’t use some of the channels on my Nintendo Wii and no doubt where Sony copied it from.

Rob: It is another copycat feature from Nintendo this time. However it is always a bonus for lovers of the console and so will suit owners who don’t have or use a Wii.

Luke: It is another copycat feature, but personally a lot of things on the PlayStation 3 are, why stop now? 😉

Anthony: I don’t know if I’ve had my head in the sand over the last few weeks, but to me, Sony have not pushed this service as much as I would have thought. I even had to first Google if it was released, then again to find out how I would go about installing and running it! After updating the folding at home section of the XMB (yes, that is where it is!) I was into the channel. I read somewhere that apparently the clouds on the Earth are accurately represented. Well, after seeing no clouds over the whole of Europe I am a little sceptical on that! The weather and news is nifty though, ideal for people that don’t have a computer nearby. I don’t think I will have a use for it though other than showing off the gorgeous planet model. Being able to zoom in further in the future could be good, maybe locate local services to you, and also locate all your buddies on your friends list.

Reece: It is yet another copycat feature, but it is a feature which if there for free is welcome, even if I would never use such a feature myself. I would love Sony to stop messing around with silly gimic features and get working hard on getting Home finished, and well.

Chris: It is obviously a blatant rip off of the Wii Channels, but there’s nothing wrong with using it for the PS3’s benefit. It’s just another in a series of blatant rip off’s in the gaming industry, but no-one is really bothered about this one. It is a nice addition to the console, which is turning more into a real media centre with all the new features being added.

What do you think to Life with PlayStation? Will you make use of it? What would you like to be able to do in the channel? Let us know your views and feedback on the feature in the comments! Tomorrow we will be listing our hot list of games this coming holiday season.

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