Original GTA games for XBLA and PSN?

Original GTA games for XBLA and PSN?

Published On May 2, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

Rumours are flying around about the possible release of GTA 1 and 2 on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It follows the news that the official GTA 2 website is carrying a ‘ticker page’ which has a clock which is neither counting up nor down but clearly displays a date of May 23rd on it.

One eagle eyed website however pointed out that GTA 2 was set three weeks in the future and the date shown is three weeks from now. Changing your computer clock also appears to change the year giving the impression that is isn’t actually counting down!

Rockstar haven’t commented yet, but with the release of GTA IV on Tuesday it will perhaps be a good tie-in to release the retro versions on the XBLA and PSN networks. We’ll keep you posted on developments!

UPDATE: The clocks are supposed to display the current time Rockstar have stated, but due to corruption on the page it is displaying incorrectly. The webpage itself hasn’t been ‘touched for years’ according to a rep speaking to Destructiod.

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