NXE requires 128mb of space...

NXE requires 128mb of space…

Published On October 10, 2008 | By Reece Warrender | News

The NXE soon to be hitting your lovely Xbox 360 console will come weighing in at a hefty 128mb. Obviously this could cause problems to anyone who does not have a hard-drive (you crazy lot!). Thankfully Microsoft will be “offering storage solutions to the Xbox LIVE community”. More on this coming soon!

The official statement from Microsoft:

“The New Xbox Experience will require 128MB of free space. A hard drive is recommended for the optimal experience, to take advantage of some new features, and to be able to enjoy the great movies, TV shows and games available on Xbox LIVE. While we expect the majority of consumers to download the New Xbox Experience without a problem, a small percentage of Xbox 360 owners do not have enough memory to accommodate the update. To help ensure all Xbox LIVE members are able to download the New Xbox Experience and enjoy its new features, Microsoft will be offering storage solutions to the Xbox LIVE community. We are not sharing details of this offering yet. Be sure to check xbox.com”


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