No Euro PS3 Price Drop

No Euro PS3 Price Drop

Published On August 23, 2007 | By Chris Brandrick | News

Despite Sony recently making PS3 bundles official here in Euroland, rumours of an actual hardware price drop have not ceased since, and during the Leipzig Games Convention SCEE president David Reeves had this to say on the matter:

We’re not making any pricing announcements at Games Convention at all. There’s none. And we don’t have any plans in that regard. We’re really happy with the way that things are going for the PAL business. We really are. It’s on track. What we’re going to allow, and it doesn’t need an announcement, is simply that we’ll probably put out more hard bundles than the Starter Pack.

So it seems Sony officially is happy with current PS3 sales and no hardware price drop is on the horizon, although it seems certain that new bundles or variants on the current offerings may in the pipeline. Are you happy with the current price and bundles?

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