Nintendo 'rolling in it'

Nintendo ‘rolling in it’

Published On July 30, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

Nintendo are officially rolling in it. Well after the financial results for the month ending June 30th, why wouldn’t they be?

Profits (bear with us, we don’t like figures either!), rose to 107.2 billion Japenese Yen (JPY) or 99 million USD. That is up from 80.3 billion JPY the previous year. Impressive, not?

In sales terms, Wii consoles sold at 5.17 million, bringing lifetime sales to 29.62 million worldwide. One of the popular titles was Mario Kart Wii which sold 6.42 million copies worldwide, while Wii Fit (despite stock problems) having 3.42 million sales.

Altogether Wii software sales stoof at 40.41 million units; up an incredible 24.2 million from last year.

As the popularity of the Wii rises and further peripherals are released, Nintendo are sure to keep raking the money in for the time being. And who’d have thought this after the Gamecube eh? That’s enough numbers for one day…

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