Nintendo Entertainment Sytem 360

Nintendo Entertainment Sytem 360

Published On March 28, 2006 | By Chris Brandrick | News

The hackers have been busy, working away at cracking the popular powerhouse console, and now it seems they have had some luck, as from today you can play NES games on your Xbox 360, although if you do, you can say goodbye to your warranty!

Below are two screens of the illegal hack in progress:


Media Center is required to use the emulator, and it involes editing several files. A difficult process!

So what will the hackers crack next, Sega’s systems of days gone by, or Sony related fun! Who knows, but remember kids don’t try this at home!

[Just a quick note that we do not condone Xbox 360 hacking in anyway.  This news post is simply informative, as to what the hackers are doing, not how to hack or indicating that you should – Ed]

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