New Zealand Xbox 360 Roadtrip

New Zealand Xbox 360 Roadtrip

Published On January 17, 2006 | By Chris Brandrick | News

Microsoft have recently confimed that New Zealand should prepare themselves for the launch of the 360, as come March the power packing console will be hitting there shores via a special Xbox 360 Roadtrip!

Microsoft claim it to be the most exciting console launch New Zealand has ever seen, and with a nationwide ‘Roadtrip’ to cover the action, Kiwi gamers have never had so much to look forward to!

The Xbox 360 Roadtrip will tour the land of New Zealand throughout March, providing gamers with a chance to get to grips with next-gen gaming in hi-def.

All of the tour will be done via the travelling Xbox 360 Bus, and it will call at over 10 different locations. Microsoft have confimed that giveaways will be a plenty and special VIP’s will get grand tours of special access areas!

VIP List places on the Xbox 360 Roadtrip are strictly limited and all will be distrubuted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information on how to sign up, and to see where the bus is calling at just visit,

The Xbox 360 will launch in New Zealand on the 2nd of March and will be available in two versions, the Xbox 360 at $719.95 and the Xbox 360 Core System at $549.95.

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