New PSN store update - hot or not?

New PSN store update – hot or not?

Published On May 1, 2008 | By Anthony Barker | News

Yesterday we kicked off the return of our Monster Month articles, where we, the staff, talked about our month of gaming fuelled hedonism. If you missed it or lost the article in the flood of news that we give you on a daily basis – then head on over to hear what we’ve been playing. Today we bring you a concluding topic from our Monster Month article, today’s topic…

New PSN store update – hot or not?

Anthony – It is a good start, let me tell you what I DO like. I like how it’s a lot quicker, that is one major area that had to be addressed, as after all we are comparing this to the LIVE experience on the 360, aren’t we? OK so it’s quicker, what else? Well not much else if I am honest. I am still, if not even more lost, as to what is new and what is old when I load up the Store. Sure there are dates when you drill down to the individual piece of content, but I really miss the release date “board” that featured in the top right area. Something like that was great and it is a sad thing that it got cut. A quick glance over to this board and you could easily see what is up for grabs, if anything on release day if you’re in Europe 🙂

Sony seem to have a good bunch of content released each Thursday, if they spread these out over the week you would be finding more people visiting the Store more regularly, rather than a total snail’s pace of your downloads every Thursday night.

I also think there are far too many categories and I am surprised neither online service on the 360 and PS3 has custom filter via for example pressing and holding down a face button and moving a filter range up and down, this why the user can select what Joe Gamer wants to see only in their store pages, personally I think that would be a winner, let us not go through pages of old hat just to get to particular content we are interested in!

Dave – I’ve only had one experience of the PlayStation Network Store which was at release, and it looked bare to the bone, though I’m sure it has grown (just like the XBOX LIVE Marketplace). Judging by screenshots, it does look quite good and it is a definite improvement but the lack of content is keeping me away from it.

Craig – It’s a step in the right direction, but for me it just doesn’t stack up against the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The Marketplace is often updated daily with plenty of new themes, gamerpics and more. The PlayStation Network updates every Thursday, which is great because you know when things are due to be released, BUT the sheer volume of people on the network on that Thursday causes downloads to be uber-slow. Sony should spread their releases throughout the week, allowing the user to download at their convenience.

Thomas – Whilst I do like the new overall design of the new store, I am somewhat disappointed by certain aspects of the store, particularly in relation to the US version of the store. Rather than go over it all again, Head here to take a look at my newspost regarding the matter.

Reece – I can comment very little on the PSN store update as I have yet to shell out for the mammoth console itself. Whilst the console looks to have had a far better year, thanks heavily to Metal Gear Solid, I have yet to count five games which I would desire to play. Hopefully when the console starts to churn out more AAA titles, I will be able to give my verdict on the other features of the console.

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