New Content Bombing Onto Marketplace On Boxing Day

New Content Bombing Onto Marketplace On Boxing Day

Published On December 20, 2007 | By David Wriglesworth | News

Bomberman LIVE’s third downloadable content pack will go live on Boxing Day for 250 Microsoft Points. The pack called “Bomb-Up Pack 3”will feature ten new characters including a Shinobi Bomb and Bomb2-D2, two new maps called Cavity Land (a candy-based level) and Robot Factory (featuring a ‘fully-automated assembly lines’.

A new game mode called “Friendly Fire” will also be released which has players starting games with the ‘power bomb’ pick-up and hard blocks are replaced by holes, so there’s nothing to stop the explosions and nowhere to hide.

John Greiner, President of Hudson Entertainment said: “We’ve enjoyed great success with Bomberman LIVE and all of its additional downloadable content. We strive to give gamers what they want, including tournaments, and providing content via Xbox LIVE is a great way to do so.”

Let’s hope the content goes up well after Wednesday’s Sensible Soccer blunder.

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