Namco Bandai Bring Us Mechs!

Namco Bandai Bring Us Mechs!

Published On April 24, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Mechs… you either love them or hate them with a passion. I for one just cannot get enough of stompy robotic battlesuits, firing out missiles and chain-gun fire. Ahhh, the joy of mech games. Now, any of you in the same mech love-boat as me will know all about Mobile Suit Gundam and Bandai. During a recent grouping of Namco and Bandai, it seems they are already busy with making new games and one of their new promising titles is coming for the 360.

Namco Bandai Announces “Mobile OpsTM: The One Year War” Exclusively For Xbox 360. That’s right! An exclusive mech game for the 360. Namco Bandai said that the game is due for launch in the Holiday 2006 area which means a very Mechy Christmas for us all! From the makers of Gundam games many people are wondering if Namco Bandai will have any features of the Gundam franchise. Well… according to a new press release you can fight on foot, in vehicles or in the mobile suits. Sounds pretty good so far. XBox Live! is being used extensively in this new title. Players can modify their own mobile suit with a deep customization menu, which includes beam sabers (OMG!) Heat Hawks (Rocket Launcher fun) and other melee weapons. Throw into that some great looking graphics and our stompy robot joy is almost complete. Hopefully they’ll also have a deep and involving single-player campaign for us to play through as well. It will be interesting to see if Mobile Ops will be able to deliver a good gameplay experience without concentrating too much on the graphics.

As of yet, there is no more info on play style or the amount of players for the Live! modes. Hopfully they mix in some interesting game types to keep us busy for a long time. The only question I now have is if they are putting in beam sabers etc, are we going to be able to do any space fighting? I hope so!

Looks like another title is coming our way that will give us something new to play with. As always, 360Monster will keep you up to date with this new title as and when we get some good information for you.

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers

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