MS admits to high volume of repairs & takes action!

MS admits to high volume of repairs & takes action!

Published On September 23, 2006 | By Anthony Barker | News

We’ve had many members in our forum community who have lived through having a faulty 360 firsthand. Personally I know someone who’s currently going through their fourth Xbox 360 in the space of only a few months, it’s a frustrating experience to witness.

This week Microsoft has gone on the record and admitted that launch units are being repaired at a higher rate than non-launch units. Perhaps this is because the refurbished units being returned are also pre-2006, so it’s an endless circle of faulty units being returned and exchanged?

This week a Microsoft spokesperson spoke to GameDaily Biz who said, “Yes, it is true. As part of our standard and ongoing process of analyzing repair data, we recently noticed a higher than usual number of units coming in for repair. Upon further investigation, it was further discovered that the bulk of the units were isolated to a group that was part of the initial manufacturing run of the console. Returns for repair are coming in for a variety reasons and it’s a higher rate than we are satisfied with.”

In light of this comment, pre-2006 Xbox 360 owners will be delighted to hear that Microsoft are making the effort in repairing any Xbox 360 console manufactured prior to 2006 for free! They will also be mailing out cheques to anyone who has had a pre-2006 unit repaired and has paid for it. Whether this is a worldwide response we are unsure, but hope it’s the case.

This is great news for all the frustrated owners out there who are outside their own warranty periods and/or have gone through countless faulty returns. We tip our hats off to Microsoft for holding their hand up and admitting to this issue as well as doing something about it.

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