More Halo '4' details

More Halo ‘4’ details

Published On July 21, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

More details have emerged about the announcement from Bungie that was canned during E3 last week. According tothis report on site GameRush, a trailer for Bungie’s new Halo game was cut and ready to be shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

At the last minute however Microsoft had a change of heart and cut the trailer and announcement from the press conference.

“Bungie had a sixty second knock’em down teaser trailer made that was going to unveil the game and it was going to be the close to [the] Microsoft media keynote at E3,” the site insider says. “This was going to be followed up by Bungie doing their separate press event later on in the week on Wednesday to show off the new game.”

“Microsoft has never really explained why they prevented Bungie from going on with their media event on Wednesday at E3. It has to be a new Halo game since if it was a new IP Microsoft would not have their hands on the control of the brand and would not have had the power to silence Bungie about it.”

Will the new title be a Halo 3 sequel or a brand new shooter all-together? We’ll find out probably at Leipzig in September.

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