More Classic's added to the Virtual Console

More Classic’s added to the Virtual Console

Published On June 1, 2007 | By Chris Brandrick | News

Today you lucky European Wii owners can snap up a fair few new classics to add to your Virtual Console collection, including the 1993 hit ‘Streets of Rage 2‘, often celebrated as one of the best side scrolling beat ’em ups of all time. It’s yours for only 800 Wii Points!

Sega’s popular platformer ‘ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron‘ is also available, for 800 Wii Points. More Sega games can also be yours as Mega Drive hit ‘Kid Chameleon‘ is also available for an additional 800 Wii Points.

Today’s final addition to the Virtual Console service is the 1992 Turbografx title ‘World Sports Competition‘ this 600 Wii Point game will test your button skills, as you go through various Olympic themed games. This title supports up to 5 players.

So will you be adding any of these classic titles to your Virtual Console collection?

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