Mircosoft Says Sorry for Demo Mistake!

Mircosoft Says Sorry for Demo Mistake!

Published On January 31, 2008 | By Luke De'ath | News

Microsoft today have released a statement apologizing for a demo mistake which has seen Xbox Live Gold Members go without while non-paying Silver members get downloading.

You can download the demo for Beautiful Katamari via Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace (sort of)

In an official blog Microsoft Europe’s community manager Graeme Boyd had this to say;

“There’s a Beautiful Katamari demo available on marketplace now, but there’s been a wee mistake somewhere along the line and at the moment it’s only available for Silver members. It’ll be fixed soon though, at which point it’ll only be available to Gold members for the next week – and then open for everyone.

“Hold tight Gold members, and if you’re a Silver member and you fancy rolling around in one of the funniest and most surreal gaming experiences ever, get your skates on.”

Let us know if your a Gold Members and just can’t wait to get your shiny gold hands on this demo by leaving us your comments below. ‘Hold Tight’ Guys. Hold Tight.

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