Microsoft give reason for Microsoft Points

Microsoft give reason for Microsoft Points

Published On December 11, 2007 | By David Wriglesworth | News

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has given a reason for making XBOX 360 owners buy Microsoft Points to purchase Marketplace content, rather than real currency.

“The reason why we do that, the core reason, is around credit card transaction frees. If we do this in bulk, we don’t have to burden the consumer with the transaction fees, or ourselves or publishers.”

The argument against Microsoft Points is that the points distort the real price of items and often leave gamers with leftover Microsoft Points. The lowest amount of points you can buy for lower priced Arcade games worth 400 Microsoft Points is 500 Microsoft Points meaning you have 100 Microsoft Points left over. Currently, 100 Microsoft Points is around 83p making the price of the average XBOX Live Arcade title £6.80 (800 Microsoft Points).

Microsoft Points are also available from online retailers and in-store but only as 2100 and the newly released 4200 bulks.

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