Microsoft deny Bungie anger over Halo

Microsoft deny Bungie anger over Halo

Published On July 23, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

Despite rumours that Bungie were angry after the ‘canned’ announcement of a new Halo game at E3 last week, Don Mattrick from Microsoft has quashed comments that they were disappointed at the unveil being removed from the press conference.

“Sure they’re disappointed. Any software creator would be disappointed,” Mattrick told Eurogamer.

“Harold [Ryan, Bungie president] just laughed and he said, ‘Boy, just a sign of growth inside the business, we agree’.”

Talking about the decision to pull the new Halo title from the E3 press conference, Mattrick told Eurogamer: “We didn’t feel we needed to show Halo to have a great show, to pay homage to our core audience, to have a lot of news, so it was an embarrassment of riches and we couldn’t fit it in. How great is that? I think that’s awesome.”

Microsoft plan to host an event at a later date that’ll reveal the new Bungie game. Teasing about the title, he added:

“We’re going to create an opportunity where people can interact with it, we think it’s going to be super high quality, super fun, super innovative; it’s the easiest thing for us to message, so stay tuned. There’s lots of good news on that.”

We shall of course keep you updated on developments.

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