Microsoft Allowing 360 HDD Requirement

Microsoft Allowing 360 HDD Requirement

Published On August 14, 2007 | By Console Monster | News

At Microsoft’s Gamefest 2007 currently taking place in Seattle, Microsoft has announced that developers of MMO’s will be allowed to make a 360 HDD a requirement to play the game.

When of the main developer criticisms of the 360 is the fact that various owners have various different hardware, that hardware being the HDD. Core 360 owners don’t have a HDD as standard meaning developers can’t make use of the HDD for fear of alienating Core owners.

Games such as Final Fantasy XI Online and Football Manager 2007 require Xbox 360 owners to have a HDD.

It appears as though MMO’s are the only titles that will be allowed to do this and will be required to display the fact on the box. Microsoft’s Ian Lewis warned developers though:
“Feel free to require 30GB for your game – that’s just going to make your potential audience a lot smaller.”

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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