MGS4 article not true

MGS4 article not true

Published On May 31, 2007 | By Russ Clow | News

We ran a MGS4 article just the other day commenting on the possibility that MGS4 would be hitting the Xbox 360.

The website, Destructoid,claimed that they had spoken to contacts from Sony who hinted at MGS4 hitting the 360. We weren’t so sure, so we asked Sony. Their response was quite simple:

You have to speak to someone at Konami about that as MGS4 has nothing to do with us.”

Ok,so they never denied it- but they did mention that MGS4 has nothing to do with them. So in reality, the article on Destructoid couldn’t of been true, simply because they claimed to get the information from Sony contacts, who have nothing to do with the games development.

Until we hear otherwise, we suggest you take every comment about MGS4 hitting the 360 as pure rumour, and nothing more. Spit.

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