Metal Gear Online Beta Delayed!

Metal Gear Online Beta Delayed!

Published On April 21, 2008 | By Thomas Hostler | News

The hotly anticipated beta for Metal Gear Online (MGO) was scheduled for release on the 21st April. However, as thousands of gamers across the world were waiting for the beta to come online there was a slight hitch, as they were unable to connect to the beta servers.

Quickly this resulted in huge numbers of angry posts in gaming forums across the web, until a post from Konami of Japan was received, informing everyone that the US and EU beta would be delayed until they could stabilise their servers.

In attempt to reconcile with the players, Konami announced that the beta would now run until the 11th May, rather than the previously announced May 6th. The MGO website currently states that the beta is now planned to launch on the 25th April, although this date “may change due to unforeseen circumstances.”

This is not the first server problems that Konami have run into, as over the weekend their Konami ID servers were unable to cope with the huge number of users attempting to sign up for an ID in order to play the MGO beta.

In the meantime, to avoid sitting around twiddling your thumbs why not head over here to read the MGO game manual that Konami recently made available.

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