Meet Gajit

Meet Gajit, Kendo and Derk, three of Microsofts aliens

Published On February 1, 2006 | By Russ Clow | News

Deep in the depths of Microsofts site, lurks three interesting Microsoft aliens, Kendo, Derk and Gajit.

Each alien has their own special ability, and gamertag. 

Gamertag: k3ndo
A martial arts fanatic who takes himself far too seriously, he’ll be stalking you in Dead or Alive 4.

Gamertag: d11rk
Despite his dismal luck, six tentacles and three brains make him a natural at sports games.

Gamertag: gaj1t
He loves speed and treats everything as a race — should be good on PGR3 then!

All three aliens are on Xbox Live, waiting to get some friends.  The aliens all vie to pass the finish line of PGR3 first.

Check out the secret page HERE and view the introduction video about them


The fun doesn’t stop there!  Exclusive to 360Monster and 14 other selected Xbox 360 sites, a competition to design a fourth Alien to join Gajit, Kendo and Derk in their next episode has landed! 

Here’s how it works and what you need to do… 

· Design a fourth Xbox Live Alien to join Gajit, Kendo and Derk in their next episode and you could see your concept brought to life by a leading CGI animator and featured on!

How to enter

· Email a sketch of your alien, your alien’s name and gamer personality to our Lead Editor Russ Clow by 28 February 2006 for a chance to win! 

· You don’t have to be a great artist — it’s all about the idea…  Maybe your alien’s gamer personality is based on you or someone you play regularly… What are the habits, personality traits and phrases that make your alien unique? 

·  Here’s an example…

Name: Kroig
Gamer personality: Kroig is an insectoid from the planet Arachna.  A father of 7,000 little grubs, Kroig likes to play in the Family zone and hates bad language, foul-play or over boisterous competition.  His favourite game is Kameoâ„¢: Elements of Power.  Mild-mannered and considerate, Kroig is sometimes alarmed at just how much he enjoys annihilating his in-game foes. 

·  360Monster will select the best submission and forward it on to Xbox to choose the final winner. The final winner will see their alien design come to life on by a leading CGI animator

·  Watch the original video for inspiration

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