Media: Street Fighter 2

Media: Street Fighter 2

Published On February 21, 2006 | By Anthony Barker | News

Lovers of Street Fighter 2 rejoice, as the classic beat-em-up returns to our screens via Xbox Live Arcade very soon. So soon in fact, that some screenshots have roundhouse kicked their way out of a Capcom press conference in Las Vega, I mean Las Vegas!

OK sorry, jokes aside we have some new media to bring to you from the game itself. Those of us who have played Street Fighter 2, and who hasn’t, will be familiar with these screens as frankly, nothing (as expected) has changed. There is something that fans of Street Fighter 2 should be checking out though and this is the Live features that has been promised for the Xbox Live Arcade incarnation of the series.

These screens display how the user can create custom matches over Xbox Live using a number of filters based on the amount of rounds, speed of turbo, the type of player you want to face and whether you want to imitate your favorite characters’ chants/moves over voice chat or not.

Selecting an arranged match is made simple by selecting from the various ranked, unranked and quick match screens. The Live match viewer is also present, where on lookers can size up competing players bouts over Live, which should make arranged tournaments great viewing. We can’t wait!

We will keep you posted on any Street Fighter 2 news when we hear more.

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