Media: Overlord

Media: Overlord

Published On March 23, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

We’ve recently updated our gallery for Codemasters upcoming title – Overlord, for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Not much information has been released by Codemasters and Triumph Studio’s since E3, they’ve kept this Hush-Hush until now.

You’ll play as an evil minion who can command up to 50 minions at the same time. You live in a Dark Tower thats in a pretty bad way, you’ll have to do evil quests to rebuild your tower, the way you act in the game will shape the way your tower turns out. You could beat up innocent peasants, kill generations of people and wipe them ex stint, do whatever you deem necessary to complete your goal to become the most evil minion IN THE WORLD!!! MWUAHAHAHAH [Ahem sorry]

Overlord is currently slated for a Summer ’07 release date, you can view these brand-new screenshots in our Media Section.

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