Media: Lair

Media: Lair

Published On June 8, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

We’re always excited to see new content for Sony Computer Entertainments’ (SCE) exclusive title – Lair for Sony’s Playstation 3.

We’ve had ten brand-new screenshots fly on to our desks which you can view conveniently in our PS3Media Section.

Lair is set in a far from perfect world which is under constant threat from volcano’s because of this people have gone their own way and split in to two kingdoms the Horrendous Mokai who’s land is lacking vital resources due to the uninhabitable terrain and the Asylians who live on the greenest land with plenty of resources.

You take control of Rohn a highly skilled and talented rider and part of the Elite Dragon Army. You’ll have to complete many tasks and shut out the Mokai armies, before its too late.

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