Media & Details: Lost Planet

Media & Details: Lost Planet

Published On February 17, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

Lost Planet is having a make over; the game will be getting two new multiplayer map packs on March 9. The first map pack is called ’Island 902’ which is a seaside area with underwater sections and bridges leading above the icy waters. The second map pack is ’Radar Fields’ a CQB [Close Quarter Battles] Map, which takes place in a huge facility. Capcom will also be releasing the map pack included in the Collectors Edition of LP ’Battleground’ for free on Xbox Live Marketplace but a date is yet to be confirmed, with five more map packs showing up later in the year. These map packs will set you back 400MS Points.

But it doesn’t stop there Capcom have released Twenty yes Twenty [20] brand-spanking new screenshots for your viewing pleasure, which can be viewed in our Media Section. WARNING: Screenshots are extremely cold!

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