Media: Army of Two

Media: Army of Two

Published On March 14, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

The good guys over at EA Montreal have released a brand-new trailer entitled ’Training Session’ for their upcoming and highly anticipated title – Army of Two, for the Xbox 360/PS3 Platforms.

In this trailer you’ll see Elliot & Tyson working as a team to successfully complete their objectives.

Army of Two is a 100% co-op only game, which these days is the ’in thing’ which will pair you and a friend up over Xbox Live or offline using a A.I [Artificial Intelligence] Partner. Army of Two is set in the near future, which will see you and your partner working on very high-risk operations all over the globe. You’ll have to work as a team issuing command’s to each other to make sure you both know what the plan of action is, from sniping, to parachuting, driving to just giving a leg up, you’ll have to do everything with each other. [Maybe not everything 😉 -Ed].

Army of Two is currently slated for a June 2007 release date.

So do you think you’re the next Riggs and Murtaw? Let us know via the comment box below.

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